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Diagnostic kits for human body, animals and cancer sought
Summary:  A Korean SME specialized in the field of liquefied cytodiagnosis (IVD: In vitro diagnostic) is looking for partners with knowledge and experience in the manufacturing of diagnostic kits. The company seeks commercial agreement with technical assistance, license agreement who are capable of providing the technology at this scale on an economic basis for design, installation and demonstration. The company is also open to manufacturing agreement.

A new automatic technology to restore all types of digitized archives films
Summary:  A French company specialized in video processing (High Dynamic Range) has developed a technology to restore ancient films and videos. They are looking for video right holders or video content producers interested in a solution to eliminate videos ageing problems. The partners will have to test and improve the technonoly, through a research or technical cooperation agreement.

Fat replacer formulation enriched in Omega 3 and natural antioxidants.
Summary:  A Spanish research team has developed a gelled oil that can be used as a fat replacement in meat and derivatives. This new emulsion is able to modify the lipid profile of meat products by the incorporation of oils enriched with unsaturated fatty acids and extracts rich in natual antioxidants. The result will be food ingredients being more healthy. They are looking partners interested in this research for research cooperation agreements.

Dutch company offers its advisory services to companies that want to expand into the Chinese or Dutch market
Summary:  This Dutch company supports a clients cross-border business expansion, from the initial business ideas and plans until the needed tools to create growth. They provide export advisory services to companies that want to expand into the Chinese or Dutch market. They seek for business partners, which are in need of assistance to expand into these markets. They operate as a solution provider in cross-border management and offer their services in the framework of a service agreement.

Dutch Industry 4.0 company is looking for distributors of their smart dispensers that improve medication adherence
Summary:  A Dutch developer of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions has developed a smart medication dispenser with IoT. Using this dispenser, patients get automatic reminders and healthcare professionals get a better understanding of patients' behaviour. This results in increased medication adherence where patients recover better and faster, which leads to lower healthcare costs. The company is looking for partners interested in a distribution services agreement or commercial agency agreement.

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