About RIC

Regional Integrated Center - Penza region (RIC-Penza region) operates on the basis of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Penza region since January 2015 and is the official regional partner of the Consortium EEN - Russia. The consortium EEN - Russia, consisting of three organizations: the " Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology ", " Community of innovation technological centers of Russia ", " Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Supporting "), is the Russian representative of the Enterprise Europe Network, acting on the basis of the Agreement with the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises of the European Commission on 22 December 2014. Today Europe Network is the largest business support network of entrepreneurial activity and innovation in the world and comprises 600 partner organizations in 54 countries.

The main target of the RIC-Penza region is the internationalization of the business, i.e. the development of international and interregional business, technological and scientific partnership of small and medium enterprises, as well as research institutions. Activity in this area is defined by one of the priorities of the work to support small and medium enterprises in the framework of the subprogram "Development of Small and Medium Enterprises" and Government program of the Russian Federation "Economic development and innovative economy." This goal is achieved by providing customers (companies, research organizations, collectives and private developers) complex of information and consulting services, technical and practical support.