A draft of the export development strategy in Penza region was discussed in the Government
A draft of the export development strategy in Penza region was discussed in the Government 13.12.2017

On December 7, 2017 an extended meeting of the Presidium of the Council for economic and investment policy of Penza Government on the issue of export support measure was held in the regional Government under the leadership of Head of the Government Nikolaya Simonova.

The members of the regional Government, the heads of the municipalities as well as the representatives of more than 70 export-oriented companies took part in the event. Vladimir Parshin, a first Deputy Chairman of Penza CCI and a head of the Export Support Center of Penza region, was a representative of Union "Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Penza region".

The Vice President of the Government Andrey Luzgin presented a draft of the export development strategy in Penza region until 2035 to the participants.

"The strategy is aimed both at supporting of the existing export-oriented enterprises with a production cycle and at increasing the number of exporters. The important aims of the strategy are also the growth of export volume of production and the geographic growth of the supplies", said Andrey Luzgin.

At the invitation of the Governor of Penza region Ivana Belozerceva, the event was attended by Natalia Minaeva, a project manager for the export support infrastructure of the AO "Russian Export Center".

"Russian Export Center" provides the exporters with financial support like cover expenses for exhibition space rent and registration fee when participating in international exhibitions abroad. Moreover, the Center provides support at any stage of export activity from an export supply plan to post-contract services, including e-commerce", said Natalia Minaeva.

Vladimir Parshin made a presentation on the activity of the Export Support Center of Penza region, the successful foreign business missions and on the participation of Penza delegations in international exhibitions in 2017. In addition, he presented to the participants of the meeting a draft plan of the work of the Export Support Center of Penza region for 2018 with a list of new business missions and exhibitions, as well as other activities aimed at development of foreign economic activity in Penza region.

Summing up the meeting, Nikolay Simonov emphasized a role of the exporters in improving the business climate, including foreign economic activity.

"A key factor export growth is the involvement of new exporters in foreign economic activity and the improving the competitiveness. The creation of an export strategy will let form an effective infrastructure for development and support of export activity in the region. It is necessary that the export strategy and its adjustment be in public, with the participation of a wide range of experts and, above all, of the exporters", summed Nikolay Simonov.

"Russian Export Center" is a state support institute for non-resource export which provides Russian exporters with a wide range of financial and non-financial support. A cooperation agreement was concluded between REC and the Government of Penza region in 2016.

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