Business mission of the representatives of Penza region in Minsk, the Republic of Belarus

This business mission was supported by the Ministry of Economy of Penza region and was the second foreign trip out of the five ones planned by the Regional Integrated Centre-Penza region in 2016.

Aleksey Kostin, head of the Administration of entrepreneurship development of the Ministry of Industry, development of entrepreneurship, innovative politics and informatization of Penza region, was the head of the delegation. During the whole trip the participants of the mission were accompanied by Vladimir Parshin, head of the Regional Integrated Centre-Penza region, First Deputy Chairman of Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Penza region, and Tatiana Martynova, head of the department of interregional communication of Chamber of Commerce and Industry for Penza region.

The delegation included heads and experts of several enterprises and companies: Zavod “Eletekh”, JSC; K.B.R., JSC; Promsbyt, LLC; Spektr, LLC; Self Employed Person Kotlyarov V.A.; Self Employed Person Nikulin A.V. and Parafarm, LLC.

Belarus is an important trade partner for Penza region with strong business relationships. The inviting party was the Trade Representation of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Belarus. The program of the mission was filled with business meetings and events.

Negotiations of the Russian and Belorussian entrepreneurs were held during the business mission. The representatives of the Penza delegation visited several local companies, small and medium enterprises, and met with the representatives of several ministries and departments: Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Housing and Utilities, Ministry of Communications and Informatization and Ministry of Industry.

Konstantin Artiushin, trade representative of Russia in Belorussia, took an active part in the discussion on the issues of cooperation and taking part of the Penza enterprises in exhibitions organized in the Republic of Belorussia.

It should be indicated that the representative of EKSAR, JSC also took part in the discussion and told the participants about the insurance mechanism when signing international agreements and crediting offers on more favourable terms at reduced rates.

The Penza delegation and Aleksey Kostin visited state institution “Administration of Hi-Tech park” and studied practical experience of creating IT-centers.

The Belorussian got interested in the offers of Penza companies. The trip was efficient for the Penza entrepreneurs from the point of view of the meeting with Belorussian business partners and constructive discussion of various new mutually beneficial projects. As a result of the business mission, Parafarm, LLC, is planning to sign cooperation agreements with Belorussian companies on selling its products (food supplements). Spektr, JSC and Zavod “Eletekh”, JSC are agreeing on the prices and solving issues of further products supply. IT-enterprises of Penza region have exchanged work experience with Belorussian companies that are interested in the e-school system developed by the company.

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